VW Transporter T32 Highline


A new customer to us and a very nice example of the VW transporter in a lovely colour!

Booked for our paint enhancement detail which includes a single stage polish. With this treatment, we aimed to remove light swirls and scratches while bringing a stunning gloss to the paint.

The van suffered from the usual wash marring and a few isolated deeper random scratches. Also, the bumper had been re-sprayed and was in need of some attention as was it was suffering from unfinished sanding marks, haze and a paint run on the wheel arch.

We started with our full chemical and mechanical decontamination including iron fall out and tar removal treatments along with a full clay bar treatment to remove ingrained contamination. This left a silky smooth paint surface to work with and removed the risk of picking up contamination on the polishing pad, which would scour the paint surface.

We then tackled the front bumper. First, a spot of wet sanding to flat the paint run back on the wheel arch. The defects and sanding marks were then ‘cut’ with a heavy compound and microfiber cutting pad before being refined with our finishing polish.

Next, the full one-stage polish across all paint surfaces. This was achieved with a great refining polish by Sonax, chosen as it brings a great gloss but also has some bite to remove the light defects from a hard paint system.

Once complete, a full IPA (isopropyl alcohol) wipe down to remove any leftover polishing oils, silicones etc to give us a true naked surface to the paint ready for coating.

We put on a ‘Carbon Collective’ ceramic protection for this vehicle, which gave great gloss, beading and durability. This will make the ongoing maintenance clean a breeze for the owner.

Other items included a full comprehensive interior detail (our picture below is just from the steering wheel and door cards!), rain repellent glass coating and a final wipe down with Gyeon Cure.

A stunning result and a very happy customer.

The treatment lasted 2 days and included –

  • Intensive pre-wash treatment in multiple stages – all with purified water
  • Tar removal treatment
  • Wash with luxury pH neutral shampoo (safe wash method) – all with purified water
  • Wheels & arches cleaned
  • Dried with super soft towels
  • Clay Bar decontamination treatment
  • Re-wash after clay bar treatment
  • Dried with purified air
  • Paint inspection and paint thickness measurements
  • Full 1 step machine polish for gloss enhancement (correctional) aiming for 50-60% correction
  • Paint prepared for Coating
  • Application of ceramic protection
  • Tyres & exterior plastics dressed
  • Windows cleaned & rain repellent coating applied
  • Full interior detail

If you would like to book your car for this treatment please get in touch with our contact page.