VW Golf R

Love this colour. So, a Lapiz Blue, VW Golf R came to visit us at Specialist Detailing for a Minor Paint Correction and I got a bit carried away.

The car was in need of a little attention to bring back a great clarity to the stunning colour and definitely needed some, Certified Detailer Only, long-lasting protection to pretty much every surface.

The car had seen some paint work in the past and this was evident from the buffer trails, sanding marks and pigtails left behind on both front and rear bumpers and the bonnet.

On the rest of the paint, there was a mixture of general marring, swirls, some deeper random scratches along with overspray from the bumpers being painted (a pet hate of the detailer, a painter not protecting those parts he isn’t spraying, pictures of this further down the page).

Iron Fallout Removal from Wheels – getting rid of the accumulated brake dust. The fallout remover turns pink where the fallout is being removed.

So, onto the wash. Full decontamination, tar and fallout removal and clay bar. Our customer had recently clayed the car so there was very little pickup – a job well done (from both parties). Below is the clay from half the car – it’s usually a lot worse than this.

Once finished, the car was dried with towels, blown dry and taken inside ready for paint inspection, paint depth measurements and taping up the sensitive areas, window rubbers, badges, handles etc.

Below is a selection of the defects found in the paint during the inspection with a note as to what each is.

Sanding Marks – on the arch edge, likely where the bumper was sanded and overlapped on to the wing, then not polished out

Pigtails – this is from a sanding disc being used on a machine polisher, the disc picks up a hard spot e.g. paint, dirt and spins it around the paint

Swirls – causing loss of paint clarity & gloss – previous washing

More sanding marks – the very edge looks like it has been burnt through, luckily, in this case, it was just thick sanding marks

Then it was time to move onto the polishing. A hard German paint meant an aggressive combination for the cutting.

We opted for a microfibre cutting pad, along with Angelwax’s ‘Ressurection’ – a heavy cut compound. After some test cutting, we gave our customer a call and suggested we may need to step up in certain places to either remove more defects or reduce the deeper marks.

Our customer is going to keep the car long term so we decided against the full major correction to increase the long-term health of the paint. It also meant that in the future the car could undergo the same service numerous times without taking the clear coat too thin.

Gloss Black Mirror Cover – Before

Gloss Black Mirror Cover – After

We got the go ahead and in some areas of the car stepped up to a wool pad with Menzerna 300 – a super heavy cut compound. This did the trick, and any deeper marks were then worked on further with the MF pad and Resurrection.

Overspray removal paint has been cut below and left of the light – overspray occurs from another panel being painted and this panel not being protected/taped off

Overspray after – fully cut (not refined)

In general – wool cuts more than microfibre, and microfibre cuts more than foam.

Our technique was also adjusted for the hard paint and was quite aggressive in comparison to softer paint. Imagine the difference between cutting soft butter and frozen butter, you need to use a heavier hand!

I changed things up a bit on this car and refined each panel after cutting. I don’t know why, but sometimes a change is nice! Refining was with Kamikaze Collections Ichiban Finish. A lovely polish to work with, which refines quickly and gives a deep gloss finish.

So polishing complete, we move onto a full IPA (isopropyl alcohol) wipe down to prepare the paint for the ceramic coating. This is done twice after we finished polishing to ensure no areas are missed.

As the car had a few stone chips a touch-up pen was sourced. This was an exact match using the colour code (not just the name of the colour). There was also a deep scratch on the rear offside door. This was touched in and re-refined with the machine polisher.

Paint protection for the car was Certified Detailer-only Kamikaze Collections flagship coating – ‘Enrei’.

This is a two-layer system. A base coat providing hardness & exceptional gloss and a top coat giving excellent beading and sheeting properties to make cleaning the car a dream.

As a certified detailer only product, conditions have to be met to allow the proper application of the coating. Temperature and humidity are both crucial.

After the coating was applied we polished the exhaust tips and back box, then sealed with a heat resistant ceramic coating. Glass was polished and a durable rain repellent added.

The interior had our full interior detail with protection added to the leather and fabrics.

Half a day is then spent with the final titivating, and polishing the door shuts, gloss black sections, whilst removing any last bits of dirt from window rubbers, panel gaps.

Our customer also had a set of Summer wheels which we protected and added to the car on collection.

Overall the car looked stunning once complete. We hope you enjoy the after pictures and if this service is of interest, please get in touch with our contact form below.