Seat Leon FR

Our client had previously had our ‘luxury wash’ treatment and asked us to carry out a paint enhancement detail to include ceramic paint protection, wheel & glass coatings.

The car is fairly new and defects were light, save for a few deeper marks around the panels which we did some additional work on.

Door condition before – 

Door condition after – 

After our full decontamination process including iron fallout & tar removal treatments, the paint was given a full clay bar treatment to remove all ingrained contamination and to perfectly prepare the paint for polishing.

Once completed and dried with both super soft towels and purified air the car came inside onto the lift for paint inspection.

Our paint enhancement includes a full single stage machine polish to all painted areas. This allows the removal of light defects and brings a brilliant gloss to the paint. There were some deeper marks in the paint, scratches which had been ‘had a go at’ and left some hazing behind. We cleared this area up with a heavier cut compound before refining. This also rounded off the original scratch making it less likely to catch the eye!

Before correction –

After correction –

Once polishing was completed a full IPA (isopropyl alcohol) wipe down was conducted to remove any polish residues/fillers to give the true surface of the paint and to prepare for ceramic coating.

Ceramic paint protection was from ‘Pyramid Car Care’ and boasts great hardness, gloss, and durability of up to 2 years.

Wheels were removed and fully coated along with rain repellent glass coatings and an interior cleanse.

The end result was stunning!

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