Seat Ateca

This brand new Seat Ateca came to us for full protection and our new car prep detail. The owner asked for the car not to be washed by the dealer before collection – great decision.

It came to us straight from the dealership with around 30 miles on the clock! Unfortunately one of the panels was suffering from a poorly polished section. Huge amounts of polish residue had built up in the door shut and had left the paint thin – an area we had to be careful with!

We started as always with our full safe wash including chemical and mechanical decontamination in the form of iron fallout, tar removal, and clay bar treatments.

Once clean the car came inside and onto the lift. The booking included ceramic paint protection, wheels off, glass coatings and interior protection upgrades.

A full single stage polish was then carried out across all painted areas of the car. This was achieved with a finishing pad from Rupes and a very fine refining polish from Gyeon.

A full IPA (isopropyl alcohol) wipe down was carried out to perfectly prepare the surface of the paint for coating.

The ceramic upgrade was from ‘Pyramid Car Care’ and boasts up to 2 years of protection. This was also applied to the wheels after being cleaned and degreased.

Rain repellent coatings were applied to all glass and plastic trims including wheel arches.

Interior work included a full comprehensive detail, removing tape and protection from the factory and applying protection to both leather and fabrics.

A great result and the car is now perfectly protected before going out onto the road for its first winter!

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