Range Rover Autobiography V8 Supercharged

Wow, what a car! Our client, a repeat customer decided it was time for a new car and this is it.

We were asked to carry out our ‘Mini Detail’ with some great Specialist Add On’s. This  treatment allowed us to increase the gloss in the paint and really bring out the metallic flake.

The gloss from the paint is exceptional, a fantastic colour.

Treatment lasted 15 hours:

  • Intensive pre-wash treatment in multiple stages
  • Hand wash with luxury pH neutral shampoo (safe wash method)
  • Iron fallout removal treatment
  • Tar removal treatment
  • Wheels & arches cleaned
  • Dried with super soft towels
  • Full clay bar decontamination
  • Dried with purified air
  • Paint inspection
  • Full 1 stage machine polish to gloss the paints finish (the combo was increased in a few places to reduce down some deeper scratches & remove other light scratches)
  • Paint preparation for wax
  • Hand applied double coating of Angelwax ‘Guardian’ for durabililty
  • Wheels not treated as they are going back for some work, will be coated once complete
  • Rain repellent coating to all glass
  • Tyre’s and plastics dressed
  • Chrome (Britework) decontaminated and polished

Add on’s selected:

  • Full intensive interior detail including fabric & leather protection
  • Additional wax coating
  • Increased (heavier) combination of polish to selected areas to remove or reduce scratches