Porsche Boxter S (another one)

Another Porsche came to visit! Albeit a little older the car was in great condition for the age. A 2005 model with very low mileage.

The car was new to the customer who has previously owned a Boxster and wanted to go back. The aim – reduce the surface defects, which in the most part were very light, protect the paint, wheels, hood, interior and bring back the ‘new car feel’.

As always before any correction was undertaken car was given a full decontamination including, iron fall out & tar removal treatments, plus a full clay bar to all painted surfaces and glass.

Once complete the car was brought inside onto the lift, dried with super soft towels and the trapped water removed with warm, purified air thanks to a vehicle blower.

We then inspected the paint and took paint depth measurements across the whole car. It allowed us to locate any deeper marks which might be present underneath the usual swirls and wash marring. The car was in great shape with only a few random deeper scratches and general wash marring.

Silver is a great colour for a car, it hides a lot of the defects in normal light. Not a problem for us as we are set up with powerful LED lighting, both fixed position and mobile which reveals all.

During paint inspection, we discovered the car had been polished previously, with some leftover buffer trails where the polish hadn’t been refined down enough. It had left the clear coat on the bonnet and front bumper thin.

In general levels of paint were healthy – reading between 100-120 microns. The bonnet, however, was down in the region of 80-85 microns in places. This is why it is crucial the paint is fully inspected and hundreds of paint thickness measurements are taken before polishing.

In a couple of spots on the bonnet, the paint was looking ‘dry’. An indication the paint (clear coat) is very thin and close to being ‘burnt’ through to the colour coat. An area for us to be careful of. The front bumper was also showing some leftover sanding marks where a deeper scratch had been reduced down and rounded off.

On to the polishing! After some test sections, a combination was found to remove the light marring, swirls, and leftover buffer trails. It also massively increased the gloss in the paint. In a couple of areas, once we had cleared the light defects, we did some additional work on a few deeper items before refining out.

Polishing complete, the car was given the full IPA (isopropyl alcohol) wipe down to remove any leftover polishing oils & residues to perfectly prepare for paint protection.

Paint protection for the Porsche was a ceramic (quartz) coating from CarProUK. We doubled up the layer to give an outstanding gloss, hardness, water repellency, and durability.

The wheels were removed, deep cleansed and coated along with the painted brake calipers front and rear. Wheels arches were cleaned up and dressed while the wheels were removed.

Rain repellent glass coatings were added in, meaning at speeds of over around 40mph the wipers are not required – the water just rolls off.

Next, we tackled the interior with our full comprehensive detail. A deep cleansing, including steering wheel, door cards, centre console, dash, leather, fabrics and both ‘boots’. Leather & fabric protection was applied throughout.

Under the front bonnet, there is a lot of plastic work on a Boxster. This was cleaned and prepared for coating. ‘Gyeon Trim’ was used here to restore the plastic back to a factory finish while giving a durable, water-repellent layer.

The fabric hood was treated with a water and stain repelling coating making future cleaning a doddle and the exhaust tips were coated with a heat-resistant layer to prevent the build-up of carbon deposits.

Finally, the car was given a final paint wipe down with ‘Gyeon Cure’. This is a sacrificial layer and aids in the curing of the coating and helps prevent water spots as the coating will further cure for 7 days. We then went around all the panel gaps, rubbers, door handle gaps etc. with a toothpick and cloth to remove the last traces of dirt.

Treatment lasted 3 days. Some may think this is a long time for a single stage polish. True, but with the add on’s selected and to do the job properly, we think it was worth every second. The results were stunning, with a very happy owner!


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