Nissan Qashqai

A returning customer of ours, asked us to carry out the ‘Specialist Interim Detail’ on their Qashqai.

This allowed us to fully decontaminate the paint and all exterior surfaces and deep clean the interior.

The car wash finished with Angelwax Guardian endurance wax. This should easily surpass 6 months of protection. We topped the wax with Gyeon Cure which will increase the durability of the wax even more so.

Treatment lasted 5 hours:

  • Intensive pre-wash treatment in multiple stages
  • Hand wash with luxury pH neutral shampoo (safe wash method)
  • Iron fallout removal treatment
  • Tar removal treatment
  • Wheels & arches cleaned
  • Dried with super soft towels
  • Full clay bar decontamination
  • Purified air dried to remove trapped water
  • Paint preparation for new wax/repellent coating
  • Hand applied Angelwax ‘Guardian’ follows by Gyeon Cure
  • Wheels waxed
  • Chrome exhaust tips polished
  • Tyre’s and plastics dressed

Add on’s selected:

  • Full interior detail