Mercedes GLA250 AMG Line

Our client asked us to give their Mercedes GLA250 AMG the Demi Detail.

Since this vehicle doesn’t do a lot of miles, the client wanted to ensure that the specialist paintwork stays in optimum condition, even whilst stored in a garage.

This treatment was completed over 26 hours and included:

  • Full Paint, Wheels, Engine Bay and Interior Decontamination
  • Two Stage Machine Polish to remove haze and swirls
  • Paintwork and Wheels prepared for High-Quality Wax
  • Wheels were given two Wax protection layers
  • Two coats of AngelWax ‘Dark Angel’ Wax (we recommended this wax to deepen the black gloss shine)

Add on’s selected:

  • Interior detail & protection
  • Additional wax coating
  • Additional wheel wax coating
  • Full engine bay detail