Mercedes C-Class Coupe

A lovely Mercedes C Class Coupe came to us for our paint enhancement detail, which in parts turned into a minor paint correction!

The car was a 2014 plate but is new to our customer who had collected a week before. The main aim of the treatment was to remove as much of the wash marring and swirling as possible, before getting some ceramic protection onto the paint. Upgrades for the wheels and glass were also included!

As always we started with the full decontamination including iron fallout, tar removal, and clay bar treatments before bringing the car inside onto the lift.

During the paint inspection and paint thickness measurements, it was evident the bonnet and offside wing had been painted at some point in the past. The bonnet had a variety of sanding marks, haze and some deeper marks which is fairly consistent when the car comes out of the body shop!

As a single stage polish is not designed to remove these deeper marks we decided to ‘cut’ the bonnet and wing with a heavy cut compound and microfibre cutting pad before refining. This removed at least 85-90% of the defects to give a great clarity and gloss from the paint that we wouldn’t have achieved with the single stage.

The rest of the paint was given a single stage polish and defect removal was great, with around 65 – 70% removal. A lot of thought went into the polish used as the paint was super hard. Like a stone!

We opted for a refining polish mixed with some heavy cut compound. This allowed us to cut the defects while refining down to a great gloss.

Once completed, the normal full IPA (isopropyl alcohol) wipe down to all paint surfaces to perfectly prepare for coatings.

Ceramic protection was from ‘Pyramid Car Care Premium’ offering fantastic hardness, clarity, and water repellency.

Wheels were removed and ceramic coatings applied, along with rain repellent glass coatings including sunroof and an interior cleanse.

The customer also ordered a paint touch up pen, allowing us to touch in some more obvious stone chips to the doors and door edges. This is by no means the perfect fix but does mean the eye isn’t attracted to them quite so much!

The car left us fully protected and a very happy customer!

If you would like to book your car for this treatment, please get in touch using our contact form below.