Mercedes A45 AMG


This Mercedes A45 AMG came to us for a Demi Detail. It is the first time we have had the pleasure of a rarer AMG! The car is Cosmos Black, and comes with pretty much every add-on going.

The client uses the car as a ‘daily driver’, so wanted it to look spectacular but still be able to use it every day.

Although suffering with minor swirls & haze, a couple of deeper scratches and heavily contaminated wheels, the car was in great shape. Our two-stage correction worked a treat and really brought back a gloss that the owner said was better than when the car was brand new.

Treatment lasted around 31 hours

  • Full Paint, Wheels, Engine Bay and Interior Decontamination
  • Two Stage Machine Polish to remove haze and swirls
  • Two coats of AngelWax Enigma Ceramic Wax
  • And much more…

Add on’s selected were:

  • Heat-proof coating to the wheels & brake calipers
  • Additional coating of Enigma wax
  • Additional window coating
  • Full engine bay detail
  • Interior detail with protection
  • Air conditioning sanitation treatment