Land Rover Discovery 4

Another big beast came to visit Specialist Detailing. This time a Land Rover Discovery 4 in Stornoway Grey.

The car was just ten years old with 106,000 miles on the clock. I have to be honest the car was in pretty good shape considering the age and mileage of the car. Clearly well looked after!

The aim – a single stage enhancement to correct the light defects present and round off the deeper marks, whilst adding a durable ceramic coating. Being a ‘silver’ colour, the car hid a lot of the defects in normal lighting. That’s when our studio lighting came into its own.

We have an array of lighting including 20 x LED spotlights in the ceiling that give out a ‘daylight’ temperature, 6 x 50w floodlights, along with a host of movable spotlights, floodlights and inspection torches.

The car received our full decontamination wash, including all the pre-wash stages, iron fall out and tar removal treatments and the full clay bar treatment.

Once complete, the car came inside for the initial IPA (isopropyl alcohol) wipedown to take it back to a ‘naked’ paint surface, ready for inspection.

A full inspection was undertaken along with numerous paint depth readings. It’s rare to see in a car of this age, but all the paint was original factory thickness! Impressive.

We found the usual wash marring, swirls, a couple of buffer trails and random deep scratches on most panels.

Onto the polishing. We tested a few combinations on the paint to find the best balance between defect removal and gloss. A single stage machine polish is always a balancing act. Too heavy a polish and we lose the gloss, too light a polish and we lack defect removal.

In this case, we settled on the ‘White Rupes’ pad with ‘Sonax Perfect Finish’. Sonax gives a good level of cut while maintaining a fantastic gloss level.

Once done with polishing we were very happy with the results, and an estimated 70-75% defect removal – high for a single stage enhancement!

The paint was perfectly prepared for the application of ceramic paint protection, in this case, courtesy of Gtechniq.

Other coatings included glass & plastics. Below is a 50/50 between coated (left) and non-coated (right) plastics.

A full interior detail was also undertaken with protection being laid down for both leather and fabrics.

We even found a tasty treat hidden deep under the front passenger seat! Yum!

A final wipe down with Gyeon Cure was applied to help the coating in the first week to avoid any water spotting while fully curing.

A great result and looking stunning! Enjoy the after pictures and if this treatment is of interest please use our contact form at the bottom of the page.