Jaguar XF S

A new vehicle for us, and one that’s been recommended by one of our existing clients, a lovely Jaguar XF S. This customer hasn’t had the vehicle long, and the aim was to improve the paint, increase the gloss and apply some ceramic protection.

Booked for our ‘Minor Paint Correction’ detail, this includes a 2 stage machine polish. The first stage is a ‘cut’, designed to remove around 80-85% of the defects present. The second stage is the ‘refine’. This removes any hazing, buffer trails etc which the ‘cut’ stage has induced and brings the paint to a high gloss which in this instance is most likely better than factory.

We started as always with the full chemical and mechanical decontamination. Iron fallout, tar removal, and clay bar treatments were all carried out along with the safe, 2 bucket method. Once fully cleaned, decontaminated and dried,  the car came inside for paint inspection and start of polishing.

As you can see in the pictures the car was fairly heavily swirled. Most likely a result of poor wash methods in previous ownership. There were deeper scratches, buffer trails, and some sanding marks mixed in. The nearside front door and wing has been polished previously and was evident from the buffer trails.


Cutting went very well, the paint was soft and allowed us to remove more of the defects, especially when compared to a harder paint finish. The cut was achieved with a microfibre cutting pad and a heavy cut compound from ‘Koch Chemie’.


Refining was a different story. The paint didn’t like being refined with any polish with too much of a ‘cutting’ element. We opted for ‘Gyeon Primer’ and a white ‘Rupes’ ultra-fine finishing pad and the results were stunning. Gloss was exceptional and removed the ‘good’ damage induced from the cutting stage.

It proves that there isn’t one combination that will work on every paint, and it takes experience to know what is and isn’t working.

After paint refinement, the paint was given a full IPA (isopropyl alcohol) wipe down to remove any residues/fillers left behind from polishing to give the perfect surface for paint protection.

Ceramic paint protection was from ‘Pyramid Car Care’ and boasts great gloss, hardness, clarity & durability of up to 2 years.

Also included – glass coatings, wheels coatings, exhaust tips using heat-resistant coating and interior cleanse.

Treatment lasted 4 days and the results speak for themselves in the before and after pictures!

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