Giant Mountain Bike

This, as I’m sure you can see is not a car. One of our longest standing clients purchased a new mountain bike and we decided we could make it look better. Also, giving it some great protection making it a dream to clean!.

After a wash, we didn’t drive, but rode this beast inside (without crashing) and not onto the lift as we would normally do. Instead, we scratched our heads a bit to figure out how to get it to stand up on its own. (Without leaning it on the wall, I’m sure we have all had a bike fall over when the handlebar twists round). We just about made it.

As you can see from the 50/50 picture the factory finish paint job wasn’t anything to get excited about, so we set to work giving all the painted sections a good machine polish.

Below is the 50/50 showing the difference just a single stage polish made to the clarity in the paint. Once polished, we added a durable sealant to all painted areas and the wheels.

It was great to do something a little different, and smaller and were really pleased with the result! The bike is now ready to get muddy!

If you have a mountain bike, motorbike or Tardis (Tardis comes as an external-only option) and we can be of service please get in contact at the bottom of the page.