Citroen DS3

‘Protection Detail’ day for this lovely little Citroen DS3. Our protection detail is a full day service and includes –

  • Full decontamination including iron & tar removal, and clay bar treatments
  • Pre-wax cleaner/glaze applied to the paint by hand
  • High-quality carnauba or synthetic wax application to give up to 6-8 months protection
  • Rain repellent glass coating to all exterior glass
  • Plastic trims restored & coated to keep them cleaner for a lot longer
  • Wheels full decontaminated & heat resistant sealant applied
  • Exhaust tips polished and heat resistant ceramic coating applied
  • And a whole lot more!

First, the car was given the full wash, to include the chemical and mechanical decontamination as mentioned above.

Once complete the car was dried with super soft towels & a high velocity heated vehicle blower before coming inside on to the lift. Although the wheels were not coming off the car it makes getting to the lower parts of the car much easier.

The pre-wax cleaner/glaze was then applied by hand. This is a non-corrective application and helps to bring back a sharper colour to the paint, and fills some of the minor defects.

‘Application of paint glaze’

The paint was then protected with a ceramic detailing wax from ‘Angelwax’. This gives a great gloss while maintaining durabilities of 6-8 months depending on aftercare.

‘Paint protection from ‘Angelwax’, not just added to the paint!’

Wheels were fully decontaminated, degreased and protected with a heat resistant sealant.

Glass, fully degreased and a rain repellent coating was added meaning above speeds of around 40mph the water just beads off the screen and in the main negating the need for the wipers.

Plastics restored and coated with a hydrophobic coating meaning they will stay cleaner for longer and will help to avoid future deterioration. The coating we use should easily last for 10,000 miles.

The exhaust tips were polished, degreased and a high-temperature ceramic coating applied. This will make cleaning much easier and will help to avoid pitting and corrosion in the future.

All the brightwork (shiny chrome parts) was hand polished to rid them of built-up dirt and left them looking new again!

Finishing touches included dressing the tyres, an interior clean and cleansing all the panel gaps, window rubbers etc for any built up grime and any leftover glaze from earlier in the treatment.

Enjoy the after shots and if this service is of interest please get in touch with our contact form below.