BMW 540 xDrive M-Sport

Our last job before Christmas was this lovely ‘BMW 540 xDrive M-Sport Tourer’ for our New Car Preparation.

The car had covered around 2000 miles and in that time had picked up a few little scrapes and has some factory/dealer induced buffer trails. It also had a fairly significant sized bird etching on the bonnet. This could have occurred in the time leading up to the car coming to us. However, we do see this quite regularly where cars have been open-transported from factory to dealer.

So the prep started with our full decontamination including an extensive pre-wash, snow foam, pH neutral contact wash (safe wash method) iron fall out & tar removal treatments. This also included an engine bay cleanse, ready for dressing later.

Our customer added every upgrade we offer, namely;
  • Full multi-layer paint protection
  • Wheels off protection
  • Interior protection to fabric & leather
  • Engine bay detail & dress 
  • Glass & exhaust coatings

The car was blown dry to remove all water including that trapped behind badges, door & window rubbers, panel gaps etc and then brought inside onto the lift.

The whole car received our single stage machine polish. After finding the perfect combination of pad and polish, we were exceptionally pleased with the jeweled, extremely high gloss finish.

The bird etching was removed with a slightly more aggressive polish & pad combination before being refined. We were pleased with this outcome as wet sanding (or ‘getting the paper out’) is always the last resort to remove a defect.

‘Checking removal of the bird etching after refining’

The BMW was ordered in ‘Carbon Black’ and we love it. Under our powerful lights and in direct sun the car appears a rich, deep shade of blue. Outside, out of direct light, the colour is black.

So full single stage polish complete, a full IPA (isopropyl alcohol) wipe down was completed to perfectly prepare the surface for paint protection.

In this case, the customer, with our guidance, had opted for Gtechniq’s Crystal Serum Light Black (CSL Black). This consists of a base coating of ‘Crystal Serum Light’ to provide outstanding gloss, hardness, and durability. Then topped with two coatings of ‘EXO’ to provide fantastic slickness and hydrophobicity.


‘Application of the multi-layer paint protection’

The wheels were removed and coated, glass coatings applied, engine bay dressing, full interior detail with protection to leather & fabric and exhaust coating added.

The britework was polished by hand, as was the underside of the bonnet along with the door/boot shuts.

Our new car prep lasted 3 days and the results were stunning. Our customer was away on holiday & once complete, the vehicle was delivered back to the house the day before their return. A nice welcome home!

As you will see in the pictures, even ‘Tommy’ the cat was impressed, even if he did want to get in the car!

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