Here at Specialist Detailing we offer a range of paint correction services. These can be perfectly paired with a luxury handcrafted wax, or, with a durable ‘Certified Detailer Only’ ceramic coating.

A paint correction service is one which employs the use of machine polishers, pads, and abrasive compounds & polishes. In the right hands, this process can achieve stunning results.

A little theory – modern paint systems are made up of three layers. The first layer added in the factory is a ‘Primer’. As the name suggests this primes the panel for the paint to come. On top of the primer a ‘colour coat or base coat’ is added. Again, this is the colour chosen and will be the colour of the car once complete. This layer will also include any metallic flake.

Both of these layers are then protected with a ‘clear coat’. In essence, this is a layer of clear paint and is usually the thickest of the layers.

During a paint correction, the pad and abrasive will be removing a very very very thin layer of the clear coat. However, as drastic as this sounds, it will also remove the defects. The diagram below shows the types of defects found within many cars and their relative thickness in terms of clear coat.

Our paint correction services include –

  • ‘Paint Enhancement Detail’, perfect if your car needs a little pick me up. It will remove light defects and add an amazing gloss to the finish of your paint. This is a single stage machine polish. From £300* Click here to find out more.
  • ‘Minor Paint Correction’, our two-stage machine polish includes a ‘cut’ to remove up to 80-85% defects and a ‘refine’ to bring a stunning gloss to the paint. A great service for a daily driven car, with any defects left over very hard to spot. POA. Click here to find out more.
  • ‘The Specialist Detail’, this includes a full major paint correction aiming for as close to perfection as possible. Of course, paint thickness, depth of defects will determine how close we can get to the holy grail. This is everything we can possibly do to the car, and, includes everything. A Certified Detailer Only ceramic coating, full interior, engine bay, wheels off & coating, glass treatments, and much much more. POA. Click here to find out more.

*Please note our prices will depend on vehicle size & condition