Specialist Detail Luxury Wash

The Specialist Detail Wash is the perfect detailing service for busy drivers. From the intensive pre-wash treatment to the Gyeon Wetcoat or Ceramic Detail spray, this treatment is quick but intensive. Starting from £40.

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Protection Detail

As the title suggests, this is our complete Protection Detail.

It’s perfect for every car owner, especially those who can’t be without their vehicle for days at a time.

This treatment will cover paint, wheels, exhausts, trims & glass with up to 6-8 months of protection. It’s perfect as an annual spruce up for your car to keep it looking its best and giving it a deep cleanse, or as a Winter protection detail.

A great treatment using the finest products. Starting at £140

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Paint Enhancement

This vehicle detailing treatment is ideal if you’ve previously detailed your vehicle, want to enhance the paint with machine correction, or you’re thinking about selling your car. A great first detailing experience. This vehicle detailing treatment takes between two to three days, starting at £220.

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Minor Paint Correction

This minor paint correction treatment has been specially designed for vehicles that have never been detailed before. It will remove 80-85% of defects, enough that those defects left over are not easily spotted. The treatment takes between three to five days, starting at £525

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Major Paint Correction

This major paint correction treatment has been specially designed for every car, especially those vehicles that have never been detailed. The treatment takes between five and six days and finishes with a durable sealant. Price on application

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The Specialist Detail

Welcome to ‘The Specialist Detail’. The longest and most rigorous treatment we offer. Every part of your car will come with full paint correction and Certified Detailer only paint protection. The Queen bee of treatments. It takes as long as is needed, but usually a full 7 days. Price on application.

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New Car Preparation

Just because you’ve got a new vehicle, doesn’t mean that it’s clean or defect-free. The New Car Detail both protects your investment and can enhance the paint’s clarity beyond ‘new’. Treatment takes between two & three days, starting at £395.

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One Day New Car Preparation

Our ‘One Day New Car Preparation’ is perfect for those looking to give their new car the best protection, but can’t be without it for more than a day!

Thinking about the expensive, inadequately applied dealer protection package? We’d advise against it. Our protection is applied after proper surface preparation, is high-quality and doesn’t cost the earth. From £180.

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Paint Inspection & Guidance

If you are buying a nearly new or second-hand car this service is a must! Using our experience, correct lighting & paint depth gauges we will inspection every painted surface on the car so you know the true condition! Avoid making a costly mistake! Prices from just £25.

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If you need any further information about the detailing services and treatments we have available, then please do get in touch with us here.