Detailing a new car? What’s the point? You will be amazed that there are still defects and the car is generally not ‘clean’.

The dealer will try to sell you an expensive, short-term protection treatment which is often inadequately applied. Our new car detailing treatment will be undertaken with the greatest care, taking up to 2-3 days and demonstrates amazing value for money.

This new car detailing treatment can be undertaken straight after delivery of your new car/at your chosen dealership^ and will protect it fully before it goes out onto the open road. Your vehicle will be protected with a special sealant, durable for at least 12 months and simple to ‘top up’.

Our new car detailing treatment will let you enjoy your new vehicle & protect your investment. As always, only the finest products will be used in the New Car Detailing Treatment.

The New Car Detailing Process

  • De-taping and removal of film as required
  • Intensive pre-wash treatment in multiple stages – all with purified water
  • Iron fallout removal treatment
  • Tar removal treatment
  • Hand wash with luxury pH neutral shampoo (safe wash method) – all with purified water
  • Wheels, arches & components cleaned & sealant applied (wheels removed)
  • Brake calipers cleaned
  • Dried with super soft towels
  • Clay bar treatment
  • Re-wash after clay bar treatment
  • Dried with purified air to remove trapped water
  • Paint inspection and paint thickness measurements
  • Full 1-step machine polish to increase gloss levels/jewel the finish
  • Paint prepared for specialist sealant
  • Hand-applied durable paint sealant (up to 12 months protection)
  • Glass polished followed by rain repellent window coating
  • Sealant applied to the whole wheel
  • Tyre’s dressed
  • Plastic trim treated and coated
  • Chrome parts and exhaust tips polished
  • Interior cleaned and dressed

Duration: 2-3 days depending on options chosen
Prices From: £395*

Specialist Detailing Protection Package

  • Pyramid ceramic coating
  • Whole wheel heat-resistant ceramic coating
  • Engine bay detail & dress
  • Full interior detail including protection for leather & fabric

All of the above – £250*

Individual Add On’s

  • Kamikaze Collection (Certified Detailer Only) ‘Enrei’ – £495*
  • Kamikaze Collection (Certified Detailer Only) ‘Zipang’ – £325*
  • Pyramid Premium ceramic paint protection coating – £150*
  • Whole wheel heat-resistant ceramic coating: £75
  • Engine bay detail: £25
  • Full interior detail including protection for leather & fabrics: £50

Before & After                                         


*Please note our prices depend on vehicle size & condition
^With the agreement of your chosen dealer

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