This treatment is anything but small. Over a day and a half, your car will be intensively washed, decontaminated, enhanced, protected, and brought back to the shine you expect.

Every step of our detailing treatment is methodical and undertaken with the greatest of care. The ‘Paint Enhancement’ is a fantastic treatment for any type of car, or as a maintenance treatment for a previously detailed car.

It would be especially useful if you’re planning on selling your car. You would be amazed at the difference in price that you can achieve when a prospective buyer sees your stunning paintwork.

As always at Specialist Detailing, only the finest products will be used in our treatments.

The Process

  • Intensive pre-wash treatment in multiple stages – all with purified water
  • Tar removal treatment
  • Wash with luxury pH neutral shampoo (safe wash method) – all with purified water
  • Wheels & arches cleaned
  • Dried with super soft towels
  • Clay Bar decontamination treatment
  • Re-wash after clay bar treatment
  • Dried with purified air
  • Paint inspection and paint thickness measurements
  • Full 1 step machine polish for gloss enhancement (correctional) aiming for 50-60% correction
  • Paint prepared for Wax/Coating
  • Hand application of a high quality carnauba wax giving 6 months or more of protection
  • Tyres & exterior plastics dressed
  • Windows cleaned & rain repellent coating applied
  • Interior cleanse

Prices from: £220*
Treatment Duration: 1 1/2 – 3 days
(depending on size & options chosen)

‘Specialist Detail Protection Package’

  • Pyramid Premium ceramic coating
  • Comprehensive interior detail with protection for fabric & leather applied
  • Engine bay detail
  • Whole wheel heat-resistant ceramic coating

All of the above – £250*

Individual Add On’s

  • Kamikaze Collection (Certified Detailer Only) ‘Zipang’ coat – £325*
  • Pyramid Premium Ceramic Coating: £150*
  • Comprehensive interior detail with protection to fabric & leather: £50
  • Engine bay detail: £25
  • Whole wheel heat-resistant ceramic coating: £75
  • Wheel refurbishment & heat resistant ceramic coating: from £100 per corner (includes tyre removal and replacement, re-balance and fitting)

*Please note our prices depend on vehicle size & condition

What comes next?

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