Imagine a spa day for your car! Our luxury car valet is renowned for excellence and delivers a clean that punches far above the weight of a car ‘wash’ on a garage forecourt.

Your car will be treated to a deep clean and will be handed back to you gleaming. This is a fantastic car valet treatment for maintaining a car that has been previously detailed, or, for any new clients who want to benefit from the outstanding results we achieve.

At Specialist Detailing only the finest products will be used in our treatments.

The Specialist Detail Wash Process

  • Purified water, high-pressure rinse to remove loose material
  • Application of a citrus degreaser to soften any remaining dirt
  • Full snow foam application – this coats the car in a thick layer of foam, helping dirt safely drip from the car
  • Purified water, high-pressure rinse
  • Hand wash with luxury pH neutral car shampoo (safe wash method & safe for wax or ceramic coatings) – all with purified water
  • Wheels & arches cleaned, including tyres and wheel barrels
  • Finished with Gyeon Wetcoat to paint, glass and plastics to increase water repellency & increase gloss levels
  • Dried with super soft towels
  • Exterior & interior glass cleaned
  • Tyres dressed
  • Exhaust(s) polished (if applicable)
  • Interior is given a light hoover and all surface wipe down


  • Small car/roadster – £40 (e.g. Mini, Mazda MX-5, Fiat 500, VW Polo)
  • Mid sized car/2 seat sports car – £45 (e.g. VW Golf, Mercedes A-class, Porsche Boxter)
  • SUV/large saloon – £50 (e.g. Mercedes E-Class, Jaguar XJ, BMW 5 series, Nissan Qashqai)
  • 4×4/extra large saloon/van – £60 (e.g. Range Rover, Rolls Royce, Bentley)

Treatment Duration: 2 to 5 hours depending on options chosen

Specialist Detailing Protection Package

  • Tar & iron fallout removal treatment
  • Pre-wax cleaner applied by hand (non-correctional)
  • Hand-applied high-quality carnauba wax – your choice from a selection
  • Durable sealant applied to wheel faces
  • Engine bay detail & dress

All of the above – £110*

Individual Add On’s

  • Tar & iron fallout removal treatment, pre-wax cleaner & wax chosen by you from our selection – £100*
  • Full interior detail including protection for fabric and leather: from £75*
  • Durable sealant applied to wheel faces – £25
  • Engine bay detail & dress – £25

*Please note our prices will depend on vehicle size & condition

What comes next?

We are happy to offer quotes for regular washes, or if you have a fleet.

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