As Certified Detailers for ‘Kamikaze Collection’ we decided to set up a dedicated page on the website to give some insight into their products, their uses and most importantly how they could benefit your vehicle!

As a certified detailer, we have access to a line of paint and interior protection coatings which only a select few can buy and install.

Our work was assessed by Kamikaze, they are very selective about who can install their products and they look for those with the finest quality of work to be their brand ambassadors.

We subsequently went on a training course so we could utilise the whole range of Kamikaze products.

As you can see, we passed the assessment and received our certificate from Kai Morita, Founder and CEO of Kamikaze Collection.

Kai is obsessive over the quality of the products that his company produce, and each product is handmade in Japan to his exact specification. He is always refining the products to make them truly exception and a cut above the rest of the competition.

Below is an overview of the products on offer from Kamikaze, uses and the potential benefit to you, our customer.

  • ‘Certified Only’ – ‘Enrei Coat’ – This is Kamikaze’s flagship coating. A two-layer system with a base coat providing exceptional gloss & hardness which surpasses all their alternative coatings. The top coat, is an extremely hydrophobic layer with amazing beading, sheeting, slickness, and durability. Put the two coats together and the results are mind-blowing.

  • ‘Certified Only’ – ‘Zipang’ – The gold class in coatings. This was produced mainly as a very hydrophobic and gloss enhancing coating. Kai has refined the coating to give excellent durability, extreme hydrophobic properties, and self-healing capabilities. Once ‘Zipang’ is applied the results speak for themselves. Whilst your car is coated with this product, if any wash marring occurs, simply heat the section with a hair dryer or leave the car in the direct sun and the coating will heal itself. Exceptional.

  • ‘Certified Only’ – ‘Musashi Leather Coat’ – Developed as a way to fully protect automotive leather for between 2 and 3 years. There is a lot of marketing hype around leather creams and conditioners, but automotive leather is sealed. This means creams are not absorbed by the leather, simply wiped off again. Musashi Leather Coat is different. Using nano-technology the coating binds to the leather giving a hydrophobic & abrasion resistant coating, preventing stains, spills and protects against UV rays. It also protects against dye transfer from clothing. First class protection for your leather!

  • ‘Miyabi Coat’ – A great all round paint protection coating for any vehicle. Due to its makeup, Miyabi has a reduced tendency to water spot after application. Water spotting is something which can be an issue with a new coating that has come into contact with moisture before it has fully cured. With amazing hardness, gloss and durability of up to 2 years, Miyabi is the perfect base coat for ‘Zipang’. It can be added in layers to give a greater depth of colour and gloss.


  • ‘ISM Coat Pro’ – ISM Coat is the ideal topcoat for ‘Miyabi’, surpassed only by ‘Zipang’. It provides amazing slickness, water repellency, beading, and sheeting and gives a ‘candy gloss’ to the paint finish. With a durability of 2 – 3 years, this is the perfect top coat for any car or as a stand-alone coating.


  • ‘Stance Rim Coat’ – If you protect your paint, don’t forget to protect your wheels! Stance Rim Coat is a heat and dirt resistant coating designed exclusively for use on wheels. Being suitable for most wheel types including lacquered and painted this a very versatile coating. After application wheels are easier to clean as the coating prevents an excessive build-up of brake dust and other road grime! One coat will last for up to 2 years.


  • ‘Intenso Window Coating’ – A fantastic window coating. At speeds of over 20mph any rain will bead off the screen. Increasing visibility, especially at night, means a safer drive and who doesn’t want that? This coating also means that snow and ice won’t adhere to the glass, which means less time spent outside defrosting your windscreen.  Great durability of up to 12 months makes this coating a must!


  • ‘Film Surface Coat’– A product designed to coat a vinyl wrap or PPF (paint protection film). Film Surface Coat increases the gloss of the wrap, water beading and helps to prolong the life of the coating. With PPF and wraps both being expensive options, a coating of Film Surface Coat will help keep your investment in great shape.


As you can see Kamikaze offer a coating for every occasion! They also produce very high-quality polishing pads, refining and cutting compounds, washing media and microfibre towels!

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