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Washing your car (the safe way)

  • THROW AWAY YOUR YELLOW SPONGE! Get a lambswool or microfibre wash mitt.
  • ALWAYS start with the wheels. You will need a bucket just for the wheels.
  • Use your pressure washer to blast as much dirt from the wheels as possible. Remember; don’t go to close with the water jet.
  • Use a non acid/alkali wheel cleaner. Douse the wheels and leave to dwell for a few minutes but don’t let it dry out.
  • Use a brush to work the wheel cleaner. Remember the wheel bolts & tyres!
  • If you have a long wheel brush, use this to clean the inside of the wheels.
  • Jet wash the wheels.
  • When washing your car always implement the safe wash method, or two bucket system.
  • Basically: Have two buckets, (both preferably with grit guards in the bottom). Fill one bucket with clean warm water only, while filling the other with clean warm water and a pH neutral shampoo.
  • Using the pressure washer to rinse the car off is crucial before touching the car. Take your time with this, it will remove loose and large dirt particles to prevent inducing any swirls & scratches before using your wash mitt.
  • Optional, (recommended stage): Snow foam with snow cannon and allow to dwell for 10 mins. This will remove and allow a lot of dirt to drip off the car safely.
  • Once you start washing your car dunk and rinse the wash mitt in the RINSE bucket, then go into your shampoo bucket.
  • Start from the top and work your way down.
  • With your wash mitt wash, using very little pressure, ONE panel at a time. For larger panels do half at a time.
  • Go back and rinse your wash mitt in the RINSE bucket before then going into your shampoo bucket to start the next panel.
  • Once you have completed all panels, use a separate wash mitt to clean under the side sills, wheel arches and under the front/rear diffusers etc.
  • Rinse the car down (if you have purified water rinse with this)
  • Use a clean microfibre drying towel to dry the car & an older, clean (non paintwork) microfibre cloth to dry the wheels (do not mix these up)

If this is too much effort, give us a call!! We will do it for you with our Specialist Detail Wash