Have a question? Look below, it may already be answered. If not please contact us!

  • How do I book and pay for my treatment?

To book with us, just call or email and we will be happy to provide a quote for your chosen treatment after a consultation. Due to demand we do ask for a 20% deposit to secure your booking. The deposit is non refundable and the remainder is due on collection day.

We are happy to accept payment by either bank transfer, credit/debit card or cash.

  • What is a ‘Certified Detailer’

A certified detailer has been approved by a product manufacturer to install their ‘certified only’ coatings. These are only available to purchase to detailers who have been through their training and who meet their high expectation of work.

We are a certified detailer for ‘Kamikaze Collection’ enabling us to offer their stunning high end products such as ‘Zipang’ coat and their flagship coating – ‘Enrei’.

We are also certified detailers for ‘Mitchell & King’ who produce some of the finest detailing products and hand crafted waxes. Our ‘Gloss Enhancement’ treatment uses exclusively ‘Mitchell & King’ products and waxes.

  • Can I watch my car being detailed?

During the detailing process we are focused 100% on your car and making sure everything is carried out to give you the best results. We would welcome you to watch during certain stages of the process and ask questions you may have.

If your vehicle is in for a paint correction treatment over several days, we will take video clips of the treatment for you so you can see our process and the defects we are removing.

  • THE BIGGY – What is detailing?

Simply put, detailing is the ultimate, highest level of cleaning, decontamination, correction & protection of a car to bring it back to point where it is as good as, or, even better than when it was new. A professional detail is not a typical ‘valet’ as the treatments go far beyond a ‘good clean & wax’. We are, and always have been a detailing company. Recently a lot of valeting companies have quickly rebranded as a detailing business, which has diluted the difference between a real ‘detail’, and a valet. See our list of treatments and the descriptions, this will give a perfect insight into – What is detailing?

  • Do you come to me, or do I come to you?

We will come to you or you can come to us. This means, treatment dependent, we will need to make sure the conditions are correct to carry out our work. If the treatment includes a ceramic or glass coating you will need to bring the car to us so we can ensure optimum conditions for application. If we come to you all we ask is access to water and electricity. We bring everything else.

  • Which is better, a wax or ceramic (nano) coating?

There is no easy answer to this. It will all depend on the paint type you have, how much you use the car, personal preference and the quality of wax or ceramic coating (We only use the best quality for our work!) We have no preference as both have their advantages. We will discuss either wax or ceramic coatings in our consultation with you.

  • Can I choose my own treatment?

Of course, all of our treatments are carried out after a consultation with our clients. We will go over everything you want to us to achieve and will make recommendations based on this. We will only suggest items that would genuinely benefit you & your car. We will never suggest something that really won’t be of benefit. For example, if you have a car which covers 50,000 miles every year, we wouldn’t dream of recommending the Specialist Detail. If you have a show car however, the Specialist would be perfect.

  • What’s wrong with the local £5 car wash?

If you value your cars paint – EVERYTHING!! In all honesty we (kind of, not really) understand the appeal of the local £5 hand car wash. However, the chemicals, wash procedures, drying procedures typically do not compliment paint surfaces. Gloss and long term use will make a cars paint dull. I guess the old adage, you get what you pay for applies.

  • What products do you use?

The simple answer – MANY! We use the highest quality products which have tested on our own cars extensively. Every brand we use have been selected as we feel they are the best at what they do. Please look over our products page to see a snippet of those that we use.

  • Do you detail ‘normal’ cars?

To us no car is ‘normal’. Any car brought to us will be treated with exactly the same care and attention. We would be delighted to see any car from our clients. So be it a first car, daily driver, family car, show car or super car we are here!

  • Is machine polishing a car safe?

In the right hands, yes. Experience is key and this is what we offer you. We use a combination of dual action and rotary polishers along with the best polishes & pads available. The polishes/compounds, polishing pads and techniques are adjusted to suit the paint on your car to gain the best results & to remove as little clear coat as possible. Safety is key. Protection is also essential to avoid not only polish residue being left behind but to stop more damage being inflicted.

  • If you treat my car can you get me the right equipment so I can keep it clean?

Of course. We would be delighted to supply you with the tools needed to keep your car clean, in a safe way, after we have completed a treatment. This will maintain the appearance of the car but also protect any wax or ceramic coating we have added. We will tailor the equipment to your needs and those of your car. We can even demonstrate the best way to wash your car. Alternatively let us do the hard work with our ‘Specialist Detail Wash.’

  • What is a concours event?

A concours event is a competition of elegance in cars. These are extremely competitive events and most cars featured will have been taken beyond ‘mint’ condition. The vehicles are judged and detailing is an integral part of the events but they do go beyond this. Example, a replacement part has to be of the same era (sometimes the year) as the car and anything else will be disqualified. Our Specialist Detail would be perfect for a concours event.

  • Are you insured?

Absolutely. We are fully insured for work undertaken on your car, public liability, holding your vehicle at our studio & driving your car (fully comprehensive).

  • What areas do you cover?

We are based on the South Coast of England. With our mobile service we can cover the UK and International markets.